Living LARGE

When you're with Clara Taylor there is NEVER a dull moment!  Now I haven't always appreciated this quality in her - but that's a blog post for another day.  She is a smiling, fun, lovable, loyal, and constant friend.  And as with many Sanguine's, sometimes situations can get a little out of control.

She continually stretches this melancholy soul to think outside the box and .... live life with all the fun & excitement you can squeeze out of each day.  I am a blessed mama to have this young lady in my life.

thoughts from John Maxwell this morning....

So the question is not “Does the leader have an advantage over others?” The question is “Will the leader use that advantage for personal gain or for the benefit of everyone on the team?”
 That is why I need to ask myself whether I am genuinely interested in others. It keeps my natural selfishness in check and purifies my motives. Leaders are always in danger of abusing their power.
Let me say one more thing about this subject: questioning your motives is not the same as questioning your character. If you have poor character, your motives will probably be bad. But you can have solid character and still fall prey to bad motives. That’s because motives are usually attached to specific situations or actions. Character is based on values.

...christians, engaged, and incarnate...

"[We Christian leaders] should know or neighbor's names.  We should shop at local stores and know where our food comes from.  We should befriend the outsider and take the stranger into our homes.  We should practice hospitality, generosity, neighborliness, and place-making.  The Internet can be used to contribute to this end, but ultimately it cannot achieve this goal alone.  That happens primarily 'in the flesh.'"  -- Michael Frost, ChristianityToday/PARSE

Alan Hirsch | Jesus is LORD

“At its very heart, Christianity is a Jesus movement, one that seeks to consistently embody the life, spirituality, and mission of its Founder. “Jesus is Lord” is about our becoming like Jesus our Lord and Founder. This confession lies at the epicenter of the church’s task. In order to recover the ethos of authentic Christianity, we need to refocus our attention back to the Root and recalibrate ourselves around Jesus. The great truth of our faith is that Jesus is Lord! But it is also true that it is Jesus who is Lord. The Jesus of the Bible defines our faith. We must strive to know him as he reveals himself to us.”